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Live feed from my flat

I have a new(-ish) Mac! It's about four years old, is an Intel Mac Mini with a bunch of cores, has 8 Gb RAM, and an enormous monitor. I reckon I'll be able to procrastinate four to eight times faster than I can with the G5! Maybe more!

And I haven't plugged it in yet.

See, I need to clear some space on my desk before I can install it. And to do that I need to clear some of the clutter around the desk. And to do that I need to clear some of the clutter adjacent to that. And... and so on. Suffice to say, I was clearing rubbish from my bedroom last night. My desk is on the living room.

(Anyone want a September 2001 issue of MacUser? Too late, I put it out for the bin-men last night. Yes, I know, about 14 years late.)
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I've been offered a secondhand Mac for a quite reasonable price. Probably needless to say, I don't have the money. So I've set up a GoFundMe in an attempt to raise it.

Rubbish as I am at self-marketing, I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention it here. No-one reading this should feel under any obligation to contribute (least of all the person offering the computer). Though anything sent will be gratefully received.

Dear Santa

Dec. 16th, 2014 12:20 am
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I haven't been especially good this year, but I haven't been especially bad either, so I was wondering, if you have a second-hand Intel Mac kicking around the workshop somewhere, could I have it? Preferably a 2008 model or later, but at this point I'm not that fussed. Anything would better than this painfully slow PowerPC. (Except the 2007 Intel iMac with the melty graphics card, 'cause I had one of those.)

Thank you.

Love, Nelson (aged 53-and-10-months)

PS Besides the speed issue, there's the fact that the OS on this machine just isn't supported, indeed is deprecated by web-coders everywhere. I can't even log-in to my tumblr, forex, and if I could half the buttons don't even work.
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New 120GB IDE drive arrived this morning. (Well, relatively new; the manufacture date was 2008.) Have re-assembled iBook, with only two screws left over. I fear that I broke the connection to the speakers when dis-assembling it, but other than that, I'm somewhat optimistic that it will work when I switch it on. Going to have a drink of water and a sandwich before I do that, though.

PS Anyone want a 320GB ATA laptop drive?


Aug. 19th, 2013 05:51 pm
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I finally, finally get all the screws undone on my iBook — with only one more visit to the computer repair shop for one stubborn screw — get the old drive out and find that, contrary to all the online sources, that this iBook has an IDE drive, not a SATA like the replacement I bought.

I give up.
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Trying to replace the hard drive in my iBook is turning into a huge chore. I'm stuck on Step 29 on this guide and I'm only half-way through! I'm managing okay on about 90% of the screws but I keep coming across the occasional screw that won't budge no matter what I do. I've been around the local electronics repair shop twice today already just to get the guy there to apply his years of experience to undoing a single screw that I've worn the head out of, and now there's a third one, and I've run out of go-juice.

After this there's another step with 15 of the bloody things, which going by previous experience will include at least two stuck ones, but I can't get at those until I've finished this step and got the cover off. Maybe I should just decamp to the electronics repair shop with my iBook and and new drive and screwdrivers and get the guy when I get stuck. Or hand it over to him with a bit of cash, but that will probably cost a small bundle I can't really afford, especially after buying two sets of screwdrivers to do this upgrade.

It's hot and damp and I'm hungry. Maybe I should just pack it in till Monday, though that will leave me with nothing but this iPad to do stuff on. Maybe I could read a book....
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A partial list:

  • Opening a window

  • Closing a window

  • Double-clicking

  • Single-clicking

  • Moving the mouse

I'm afraid that the graphics board might be permanently damaged now, though I suppose it might be the software effects of crashing multiple times a day.

Trying to do stuff on my iBook is less frustrating, but so-oo... mu-uch... slo-ower.... Not to mention that old versions of software are so much less capable. Trying to set up a Poser folder structure is frustrated by an inability to add additional folders to the models, props, and whatnot in the older program, which means having to copy items into the app's main folder on the laptop's drive as I need them, and out again to keep the minimal free space free.

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Seems my overheating iMac problems are a known thing. On this page, one user resorts to drastic steps:
My late 2006 iMac started to freeze and have graphics issues after about 18 months of use. It turned out that this was an overheating problem experienced by a lot of users. smcFanControl made the computer noisy, but didn't stop the problem, especially in the summer. I'd had the iMac sitting (unused) on a desk for a while, and was going to throw it out...but instead, I tried making a few ventilation holes, as seen in this picture.

Back of iMac photo Back_of_iMac.jpg

Further down, another user suggests adding an auxiliary fan of this kind, instead:

to the slot on the back, just over the hot spot on the upper left (upper right if you're looking at the back). This resembles what I was thinking of doing, so I might go hunting for an appropriate fan when the shops open and see what I can rig up.
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This machine is about 6 years old, which is must be a hundred in computer years, and it does not like the heat any more. It blacks out in a variety of interesting ways when the internal temperature goes above 41°C, mostly freezing though I also get kernal panics, random restarts and the screen slowly fading to white. (This is why I was cleaning it out the other week; I was hoping that blowing the dust out would help keep it cool.)

I was thinking that it was the graphics card that was blowing up, since I sometimes get weird visual glitches before the freeze, and sometimes it seems to be initiated by invoking the Dock. Or maybe that's two different problems, I dunno. But it occurs to me that it could be the power supply, since I used to get hard resets on my Mac Plus due to an aged power supply at one time before I finally retired it some time in the nineties.

I've got the internal fans cranked up to near maximum, and a desk fan blowing on the hottest corner (somewhere above the hard drive), but the internal temp is running at 46° at the moment, which makes it seem likely it could blow again at any moment. Also I notice that the dual core seems to be running at about 70-80% capacity with just Safari open... anyone know what the process mds is, and why it needs 9GB of virtual memory?

Sigh. It's a good thing I'm not doing anything serious on it at the moment, though there's a couple of 3D ideas I want to plonk around with that I haven't been able to do more than start because of the multiple crashes I've had today.


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