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Three ideas for the thread, Reasons why aliens avoid earth in a contemporary setting:

Look, it's not about you, Humanity. It's those dolphins. They're just... barbarians. So crude and vulgar, you can't invite them anywhere. It's just better for the galaxy if they're shunned.

Well, they've already got Elvis and Bowie, so why come back?

This area of the Western Spiral Arm was supposed to have been cleared for redevelopment several deka-millennia ago. Somehow, Earth and its inhabitants were missed. Dreadful [procreative organ]-up, somebody's [sensory and cephalic cluster] will roll for it, I'm sure. That is, if anyone finds out about it. If there were an accident, say, and a gamma-ray clearance burster was set off without anyone making a final safety check, nobody would have to pay for evacuating the system. Just saying.
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An unusually rich dream this morning. It seemed to be an alternative sequel to Alien. In this version, the Nostromo survived and drifted, along with Ripley's lifeboat, to a landing on a colony world. Ripley wakes up, finds she's in the middle of a wilderness and tries to hike to the nearest settlement. On the way she finds the Nostromo, and while attempting to get in, she encounters Gorman from Aliens (probably not the same character, but I recognised the actor). They argue a bit about salvage rights, then enter the ship, where they find... full of sightseers. They've come from the colony, and there's even a few off-worlders who happened to be passing by, including a documentary film crew, and a weird spaceship-spotting geek. The colonists have rigged up an alternative power source for the lighting, which gives out at dramatic moments (of course).

Ripley tries to warn everyone of the danger, but she's ignored (of course). Face-hugging hi-jinks ensue. (In this version, the alien never makes it aboard the lifeboat, I guess, and transitions to female, laying her eggs in strategic areas of the ship.) Probably there's limited egress out of the ship, or the aliens haven't figured out they're on a planet, or something, so Ripley not only has to survive, but has to prevent the aliens from getting out and spreading to the local biosphere. Maybe she doesn't succeed, and the next threat is trying to prevent the aliens from over-running Earth.

Hmm, they probably find a dead alien in the ship, so everyone relaxes, not realising that aliens have a more polymorphous approach to gender than humans. Maybe we need an android to start dissecting it and suddenly realise the truth. Maybe Gorman's the android.


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