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My contributions to the thread [101] things found in a vial of liquid:

This vial is half-filled with a dark, translucent liquid with an irregularly shaped patch of scum on its surface, shaped somewhat like a continent. Close examination with powerful magnification will show that the scum resembles a continent down to having living things on it resembling plants and animals.

A micro-ecosystem, consisting of photosynthetic primary producers, consumers that graze on the plants, predators that feed on the consumers, and probably bacteria that break down the remains of the other creatures.

An inhuman, blazing eye. It moves, focussing on whoever is holding the vial, and the psychically gifted report that it is trying to command the holder, but the command is too weak to discern what it is.

A complex, crystalline structure, constantly forming and dissolving into new configurations.

A basilisk beak, suspended in some kind of oil. Drinking the oil will make you immune to a basilisk's stare for an indefinite period.

Two immiscible fluids. When shaken thoroughly for several seconds, the resulting liquid will form a lens enabling anyone who looks through it to see invisible creatures for a few seconds before the fluids separate.

A demon-repelling unguent.


A shrunken head.

A dead mouse.

A very detailed model of a nuclear submarine. It's definitely a model, what else could it be?

A block of sodium.

A very small man, apparently having a bath.

A tribe of creatures resembling aquatic, fish-like monkeys.

RED MERCURY. The real deal, and all the stories about what it can be used for are true.

A brown liquid that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

Extract of Alzebo. When drunk before eating meat, will cause to diner the absorb the memories of the animal (or person) that supplied the meat.
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