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My contributions to the thread 101 Things to be Found in the Refrigerator (someone thought of "Girlfriend" really early):

An anarchic Sixties pop group, who will emerge from the fridge as though they have been on a long walk through the snowy wilderness just to get here, discarding their furs and woollens and dropping non sequiturs right and left. The fridge is, of course, apparently too small to have contained them, and when it is opened again will look like an ordinary fridge.

An Eighties pop group recording a video for one of their songs. Quiet on the set!

A snowman.

A yeti.

A collection of right hands.

Several bonsai pine trees.

A cold-themed supervillain.

A heat-themed supervillain.

A lot of petri dishes.

An alien from an ice-world who is about to expire from heat-exposure. Opening the fridge door and exposing it to room-temperature air may well be the last nail in its coffin.

A galaxy.

One hundred green bottles of beer. Or brown, if you prefer.

Thinly sliced meat of an unidentifiable nature. Tastes like greasy pork.

Frank Sinatra.

A snowflake collection, each in its individual jar, carefully labelled with the GPS map co-ordinates and time it was collected.

A captive, bound, gagged, on the verge of hypothermia and ready to give up whatever it is the person who put them in there wanted from them.

The severed heads of several missing neighbourhood pets.

Lots and lots of jars of a bodily fluid. Roll on the Bodily Fluid Table to determine which fluid.

Jack Torrance. (So that's how he got out!)

A pile of dirty washing.

Edit: A very small man on a ladder, apparently replacing the light bulb.

A Claymore mine. The trigger wire has been attached to the door, but it has failed to go off, possibly due to the temperature.

A set of bullet moulds filled with ice.

Soot covering the entire inside of the fridge, and a pile of ash. Looks like something was put in the fridge while on fire. No telling what it was now, though, as it's completely burnt up, as has everything else inside.

A jar labelled 'Phlogiston: Do Not Open!' and with a burning P hazard symbol.

A hospital organ transport case containing a human heart, ready for transplant.

A wormhole connected to Antarctica, sometime during the last Ice Age. Or possibly the next one.

A pair of slippers.

A frozen Neanderthal.

The remains of a meal that seems to be something like pizza, cheesecake and ice cream combined. It tastes quite wonderful, and before you know it, it will be completely eaten, by you and/or your party.

An ingot of iron.

A clockwork alarm clock. It seems to have run down and stopped.

Several jars of nitroglycerin.

A jug of freshly-made mint julep.

A cat, and a geiger counter connected to a fragile glass vial of cyanide. The cat is very upset at being locked in this refrigerator and will attempt to escape.

A portal to the inside of Donald Trump's head, a la Being John Malkovich.

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