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I think that rather than shots from the separate boosters, the twin shots were from twin cameras on the same booster, as the position of Earth and sky was not reversed as it should have been from cameras positioned identically on the two boosters.

Also, 9:25? That was a shot out of science fiction: twin rockets landing simultaneously.

Also also, the rumour that they had David Bowie's body strapped into the Tesla Roadster starts here.
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And may your enemies die in a poetically appropriate way and be eaten by their starving pets.

Now, go to bed.


Dec. 11th, 2017 11:50 am
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At this rate of increase, my calculations show that by 2445 all words printed in English will be "kibosh". Shortly after, the Anglophone world will be rent by war as we fight over whether to pronounce it "kib-bosh" or "KAI-bosh" (the right way).
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Just got an aura started (15:46). Had a dizzy spell while I was trying to get the kitchen fluorescent light out, stopped for a minute, then got back into trying to get the cover off, and I had the kaleidoscopic effect starting just off centre to the right.

The outline is about a hand length long now (15:52) horizontally, maybe half that high, so I guess this will be the typical length of time.
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"Your Dalek is inverted."
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If you want to stop people circumventing your ads so determinedly, stop putting 5-minute ads in front of 4-minute videos.

And who TF makes five-minute adverts?
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Pink Floyd's "Us and Them" on piano.

Beginning's a bit Studio Ghibli, but that's not a bad thing.
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The Star Trek original series phaser rifle is really not very ergonomically designed. Is that part really safe to hold? And that trigger looks too easy to pull accidentally. And it's terribly balanced, you need to press it against your shoulder to be able to use it at all.
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Forgot to write it up earlier: Got an aura after coming out of the game on Wednesday. Small patch right in the centre, grew rapidly over the next fifteen-twenty minutes, just long enough to cover the stop at the chip shop on the way home. No repeat. No pain, as usual. Small amount of confusion, but no more than you might expect from having a kaleidoscope installed in your visual system.

Don't think there was any particular trigger, just tired because I had a short night's sleep earlier, and hungry because I'd missed lunch and dinner.
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Solaris. First part of two. Available for 21 days.
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I am shocked to discover that I do not have The Proclaimers' 1989 classic "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" on my iTunes.

I was sure I had this, but it must be on an old cassette tape, or something. Mental note to buy it off iTunes next month.

(Hopefully, this version will play in the benighted lands of the Western Atlantic.)

Edit: [personal profile] archangelbeth links me to this filk version:


Jul. 16th, 2017 08:18 pm
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Took some photos on the way back from the bus-stop on Friday:




More here.
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...I have been mostly making a spaceship:

This is a 3D model of a design I made for GURPS Transhuman Space, several years ago. I used to have details put up on my old ISP's free domain, but as I never seem able to log onto my present ISP to find out if I even have any free domain space, I guess I'll have to cut and paste from this old file on my hard drive:

Tenzan Industries Kirigirisu Ki1 Personal Transport Pod
(For GURPS TranHuman Space)

Based on a failed proposal for a fusion-powered military drop-pod, the Kirigirisu ("Grasshopper") is being marketed as a personal airless-body transport for the off-earth upper professional class, similar in concept to a light business aircraft on Earth.

The compact fusion pulse drive is the smallest such drive ever designed, and its average acceleration of over two martian G combined with its generous delta-V enables the Kirigirisu to fly a complete surface-to-orbit-to-surface cycle on any of the airless bodies in the Solar System, fly from LEO to Luna and back, or fly minimum-fuel orbits from one Jovian moon to another (life-support allowing).

Two things are holding back sales at the moment: type qualification practically mandates sales to professional pilots only, until such time as pilot schools evolve training courses aimed at the part-time high-performance pilot; and lack of certification for the streamlined model for flight in the Martian atmosphere (Tenzan anticipates a high proportion of sales to Martian customers when the vehicle passes environmental tests).

In addition, the first model had a vibration problem arising from the low pulse frequency of the fusion drive that caused discomfort and nausea in some passengers; Tenzan have improved the vibration dampers on the latest models and are offering a free upgrade to all owners of the old model.

The nickname "Doodlebug" is beginning to spread among English-speaking users; this is believed to refer to the sound of the engine, similar to that of the 20th century V1, an early German cruise missile. Tenzan marketeers are at present uncertain whether to promote the nickname to encourage familiarity, or to derogate it entirely due to its association with a weapon of indiscriminate destruction.

Craft is an unstreamlined cylinder, 10' long by 6.25' diameter. Removal of the passenger seats provides up to an extra 0.1875 spaces for cargo. The Kirigirisu has no airlock; the vehicle must be depressurised for entry and egress.

Crew: Pilot/Navigator (Pilot (High-performance Spacecraft)), Electronics Op. (Comm), Electronics Op. (Sensors).

Design: Unstreamlined cylinder hull (0.625 space, diamondoid, smart, medium frame). cDR/cPF 0.2/1 (diamondoid armour). Hull radiators (0.1875 ksf).

Modules: New simple cockpit; Very small radar; 0.1875 passenger seat (3 seats); 0.25 compact HT fusion pulse; 0.05 tank (ultralight, nuclear pellet); 0.04 cargo.

Statistics: EMass 2.2; DMass 2.7; LMass 3.3; CMass 3.0. Cost M$0.93. cHP 4. Size Modifier +1/+2. HT12. Maintenance Interval 41.6 hours. RRA 0.1875.

Performance: sAccel: 1.0 G. Burn Endurance: 0.833 hrs. Burn Points: 3022. Delta-V: 9.1 mps. No airspeed.

Variants: Streamlined model, Kirigirisu Ki1su, stats as above except Cost M$2.1

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Jul. 13th, 2017 06:05 am
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According to Twitter, I am in this photo:

If you recognise me, please point me out to myself in the comments.

I may turn one into an avatar... or just the shirt.
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From the thread The thread of FACTS (which are 100% not true):

The first Cthulhu GUMSHOE pitch to Pelgrane was "Trial of Cthulhu", an eldritch courtroom drama.
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Photobucket now wants $30 a month to enable me to hot-link to the trivial pictures I uploaded when it was a free service. Needless to say, Photobucket needs to eat strychnine and die in horrible agony, and then its body put on public display as a warning to others.
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Marvel as six phalluses come to simultaneous... not so much climaxes, as soft-ish touchdowns.

As usual with orgies — I imagine — one finds oneself looking the wrong way at a critical moment.


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