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According to Russian photographer Varlamov, here — if Google Translate isn't lying to me — the Guggenheim Museum people have decided on a design for their seventh museum to be built in Helsinki. Very nice it's going to look, too, if these artistic impressions are anything to go by:

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What I'm really wondering is, would it be built in time for me to visit during the Helsinki Worldcon, assuming I made it there?
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Creepiest in show.
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Liberace/Spartacus mash-up cosplay.
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Aug. 24th, 2014 10:32 pm
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I don't think this redesign is going to be popular.

In LonCon

Aug. 22nd, 2014 02:50 pm
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The LonCon 3 Fan Village.
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nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

A man and a box, at LonCon3.

Of course, what would have increased sound quality at a lot of the panels would have been someone with a low-powered electrical shock device reminding panelists to lean into their mikes.
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I'm not a big fan of Jonathan Ross — inveterate telly addict that I am, I can't remember the last time I deliberately chose to watch something with him in it. But he's a popular mainstream celeb, funny when he doesn't go off-piste, and knowledgeable about genre. There could be a lot worse choices for a 'face' to present the Hugos. And while he may be a sexist of some stripe, I'm sure he would be a lot better behaved at the con than some authors who make regular appearances — especially a couple of British authors who I have personal knowledge of having done worse than make a few rotten jokes.

Practically anyone else from the locality with similar crossing cachet to Ross — and there aren't that many — will be similarly unknown to North Americans, and similarly despised by the Daily Mail, so when one goes to look them up online, they will probably have a stack of articles outlining what terrible human beings they are, and how they haven't suffered nearly enough opprobrium to satisfy Daily Mail staff for their past sins.

Meanwhile, the attempt to get more punters into the WorldCon by getting a local celeb with a foot in mainstream and genre culture will fail — because who else will want to risk the internet's wrath by setting either foot in this wasps' nest? — the con will struggle to show a profit, and more complaints will be heard from the (US) community about how WorldCons outside North America are so unsuccessful and everybody should just come to the US where the real SF comes from. Shooting-in-the-foot self-fulfilling prophecy or what?

Context. More context.


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