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My contributions to the thread 101 Things to be Found in the Refrigerator (someone thought of "Girlfriend" really early):

Mild gruesomeness warning )
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In an ongoing Q&A about UK Police (registration required), a post about de-escalation training:
A2A: For the final assessments the instructors rolled a d6 out of sight of the students to determine the level of resistance the roleplayers displayed, so you might have got a 1 (complete compliance), all the way through to a 6 (they try and kill you).

Casaubon: I'm now imagining them getting carried away and rolling on the City Wandering Monsters table - "Right lads, you meet *rolls* 3 drunks, an expensive doxy, and (oh, unlucky) a lich."

I'm nerdy enough to have got out my DM's Guide for that, and am now wondering in what kind of city you might have a 1 in 400 chance of meeting a lich every time you go for a night out.

P.S. Also of note (but not at all funny), from A2A's post:
There was a constant theme of de-escalation and using your mouth to talk people into compliance, and understanding concepts like Betari's Box* (my attitude affects my behaviour which affects your attitude which affects your behaviour). There wasn't really any divide between using offensive/defensive techniques and de-escalation, we were expected to try and start off by calming things down and stay talking throughout. They also stressed that it's a lot better to start off at a low level and work up rather than come in high and then have to calm things down.
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I just got banned from for calling somebody who had clearly given up on humanity a 'misanthrope'. Is that even an insult? I thought not, but apparently a moderator disagrees. If I'd called the poster a misanthrope for voting Republican, I'd understand getting the infraction, but when they plainly say that they've given up on human beings and the universe would be better off without us, where's the bleeding offence in asking what's made them a misanthrope?

Note that the poster sent me a quite reasonable PM answering my question, so I don't think they were insulted.

Pah! I despair of humanity, but especially the mods.


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