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In response to this thread at Escher Girls, with the somewhat wonky anatomy of this Secret Six cover:

I banged together this version in Poser and Photoshop:

My conclusion is that the original artist is one of those guys who hacks up pictures from photoshoots found elsewhere and then traces over them, and that he let the torso and pelvis on Black Alice slip in the process, or he just did a lousy job of matching them up in the first place. Also that he needed to stop and think about the mechanics of balancing on a thin headstone with your legs all over the place. (We'll pass on commenting about appropriate clothing and temperature, shall we?)
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So I did this thing:

It started out as a bunch of minor projects I threw together — a model of the model Devon Aoki (not quite there, as usual), a few random swimsuit patterns I was noodling with, a fictional police armed response team uniform — with a freebie bus shelter from DAZ, and I think it turned into a kinda Vogue-y fashion shoot pic, with a bit of a dystopic theme?

Took three hours to render, and something distinctly odd happened to the reflections in the bus shelter glass — that truss should not be appearing there, unless the glass is Slow Glass or something. Not going to experiment with the settings much, not with a three hour render, but I might re-render it at a lower quality later, see if that affects things much.
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For no particularly good reason:

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Some random amateur projects I've been noodling around with:

Cut for length )

Thinking about working on a male figure next. Kinda torn between Peter Cushing, Peter Capaldi or Ian Richardson, who all have a similar look to them, come to think of it.

Mo Howard

Aug. 17th, 2013 05:54 pm
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Here's a couple of portraits of Mo Howard from Charles Stross' Laundry Files books that I did on my iBook before taking it apart:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Not based on anyone in particular, just fiddled with the face morphs on the Victoria 3 model until I got something I liked. Mo's violin case is also missing the "This Machine Kills Demons Vampires Monsters" sticker, I was going to put that on next before I got technical on my iBook (see previous post).

Hmm, the background should be dark grey or black. I wonder if I've got something on my iPad to fix that...?
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The Pale Violinist
by ~Nel-C on deviantART
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Black Canary and Strix
by ~Nel-C on deviantART

Would anyone like a 3D render of their character/avatar/whatever?


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