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Apr. 14th, 2016 05:19 pm
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My 1st Gen iPad has suddenly started charging v-e-r-y slowly. It was fine a couple of days ago, but since I had to do a reset because it had slowed down to a crawl, it's been not showing the recharge icon and only trickling a bit of charge: it's only gone from 20% charged to 29% in the space of five hours and doesn't recharge at all if I use it for anything.

It could be something to do with the reset, like the software has forgotten the parameters of the battery and is only recharging slowly to see how far it can go, for some reason.

It might be nothing to do with the reset, like it might be the battery is actually on its last legs and just fell down all of a sudden instead of degrading gracefully. Or it might be that the charging cable or the charger itself has crapped out suddenly.

I guess the most likely option is the cable; it is showing a bit of wear. It's also the one thing I could probably afford to fix, just. Can't really afford to investigate by buying a cable and then a charger and seeing if they fix the problem.

Got to get that iMac working again and sold, so maybe I can get a secondhand iPad 2 or something.

Update: It was the cable. Not as expensive to replace as I thought, but still more than I wanted to spend.
nelc: (Brain) retire this iPad. It's been terribly slow and crashy for ages, but now the screen is beginning to show signs of aging, or something; it's just started having difficulty in dithering images, and I'm getting a shimmer on some photos as either the screen or the software is having difficulty coping.

I think if I can pull my finger out and sell the old PPC iMac on eBay, and my old Fuji FinePix S6500 camera, I might have enough to cover a 2nd-hand wifi iPad 2. Probably just in time for Apple to drop support for them, I expect.
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I fell asleep in the bath and let my iPad dip into the water. Awoke suddenly to find the display going screwy. Switched it off, dried off the outside, soaked some water from out of the display switch and volume control. Now got it propped up in front of a desk fan. Hopefully, it will dry out okay, I hope. Still, stupid.
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AppleCare will replace the iPad for £200, which isn't bad, considering. But as I have negative money at the moment, not really an option. For some reason, I had completely forgotten that there is an authorised Apple reseller in town, just around the corner from me, who I used to be in contact with back when I had a job. AppleCare recommended taking it in to them to have a look at, but it's too late today, so I'll have to wait until Tuesday now.

Or I could have a go at opening it myself. This is probably the bit that's come loose:

According to the page I got that from, when you're breaking down an iPad this connection's a bit flimsy. There's a similar connection inside the iMac that I had a bit of trouble with when I replaced the drive. With a bit of luck, I would only need to reconnect it and bind it with a bit of tape (same as I did with the iMac) to make it a bit more resistant to knocks. It's apparently a bit tricky to get into an iPad, needing a 'spodger' to lever it open and a suction cup to lift the screen away, both of which you can get off eBay for £3. Might scratch the case a bit, but I doubt I'll be selling it for a while, anyway.
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I just broke another iPad! Almost identical circumstances to last time, too, except that I was closing the door instead of opening it. And identical effects: bloody thing appears to be fine, except for the screen staying blank. Slight backlighting effect that shows up when it's active, and iTunes can back it up fine (doing that now), but the bloody screen is as blank as a piece of slate. I guess it's a design fault of the iPad 1, unless it's an effect of high-ish gee on LCD screens.

I let the wretched AppleCare lapse as well, due to my ongoing embarrassment of finance. Ack, I wonder how much it will cost to fix, or whether my house insurance will cover it.

Oh, and the silicone rubber cover didn't appear to do mush to deaden the impact, though I guess it prevented any scratches. Bah, phooey!


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:36 pm
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I just broke my iPad.

It slipped out my hand while I was opening the door and landed on the metal strip that goes under the door. I thought it was okay, since it went on playing the music I had on, and it was in the cardboard case I made for it, and it seemed to land square. But it looks like it hit the strip on one of the worn corners of the case, leaving a scratch on the metal on the corner and giving it a hard enough jolt to disconnect the screen.

It lit up a little when I turned it on, but there's no image on the screen. If I flail around on the glass in the right place, it makes the little whizzy noise that signals the screen's unlocked. Not having much luck switching it off, though.


Looks like I might have to leave it unplugged for a day or so, and then try taking it apart and finding the loose connection to the screen. ('Cos I can't afford to take it in to Apple and get it repaired.)

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Macworld are liveblogging the iPad 2 announcement.
    Dual core A5 processor
    graphics processing boost
    fore-and-aft-facing cameras
    iMovie app for $5
    Really neat cover

I am sick. I can't afford this, not without raiding a post office (and try finding one of those, these days). I'm going to hide under the covers for the rest of the year.


Jul. 24th, 2010 07:55 pm
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I've decided that the world would be a slightly more perfect place if the game Close Combat were available for the iPad. Somebody arrange it.

That is all.


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