Aug. 13th, 2014 03:48 pm
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photos)

Tired photographer is tired.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

If you ever need to make a delivery to a cave in an obscure valley while dodging flak and missiles from pro- or anti-government forces, the EADS CASA C-295 is probably the aircraft you need.


Aug. 7th, 2014 01:19 am
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I totally meant to take a picture of the back of these guys' heads. Really.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

Aerobatics from teams that aren't the Red Arrows.
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Typical! Stop your high-performance aerobatic jet for a few seconds, and some oik dashes up to clean your windshield! He should get himself a proper job.

The Red Arrers on static display at Fairford.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

JASDF cosplayers at Fairford. Very convincing.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

That's a heck of a booster seat that tiger's got.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photos)

The Hungarian Air Force celebrates, um, being Hungarian, I guess.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photo)

Another small batch from the static park at Fairford.
nelc: Toy Story alien photographer (photos)
...I 'ave mostly bin taking pictures of aeroplanes.


Around 1500 pictures, some of which aren't out of focus, motion-blurred, badly cropped, under-exposed, over-exposed, or have somebody's head or hand or a loudspeaker blocking the shot. (Obviously, this isn't one of them.)

First up, the International Air Tattoo 2014 at Fairford. Later on (maybe next month), Duxford.
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A link from my friends list for the A380 fans out there. Airbus A380 at the Russian MAKC airshow. (Edit: Or possibly the Paris Airshow, the google translation seems unsure.)

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Got distracted by the news of Rebecca Brooks getting arrested, so it looks like I'm not going off to Fairford today. But that's okay, I think I got some good photos yesterday. I'll start to put those up as soon as I've got the pics for last year's Literary Festival out of the way.
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VVVUUUUUUUUUUUUL-CAN!!!!! (<— Vulcan howl, though an authentic one requires 4 Olympus engines.)

In the event, I didn't get away until 2.00pm, and didn't arrive at the airbase until about ten to three. But I got there as the weather was beginning to clear, and except for a stiff breeze and the occasional spit of rain the afternoon was quite lovely.

I hung around the Green car park at the west of the base, rather than my usual haunt at the east end. I missed the overhead views of aircraft landing, but I got a glimpse of the static park, and it was better for the aerobatics, I think.

I'm thinking of going again tomorrow. We'll see how the weather is.
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Right, I'm going to see if I can get my shit together enough to get down to the Air Tattoo tomorrow, 'cause it looks like the weather on Sunday will be dreadful. If I can get out by noon, then I should get a few hours by the fence in.

To-do list )

Probably won't need the wide-angle, or the UV filter. Or the IR filter. Might need the polarizer, but it's another thing to fiddle with, so I might not bother.

Also I need to rebrief myself on modes other than auto for my S6500 tonight.

It's only a list, it's only a list....


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