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...I have been mostly making a spaceship:

This is a 3D model of a design I made for GURPS Transhuman Space, several years ago. I used to have details put up on my old ISP's free domain, but as I never seem able to log onto my present ISP to find out if I even have any free domain space, I guess I'll have to cut and paste from this old file on my hard drive:

Tenzan Industries Kirigirisu Ki1 Personal Transport Pod
(For GURPS TranHuman Space)

Based on a failed proposal for a fusion-powered military drop-pod, the Kirigirisu ("Grasshopper") is being marketed as a personal airless-body transport for the off-earth upper professional class, similar in concept to a light business aircraft on Earth.

The compact fusion pulse drive is the smallest such drive ever designed, and its average acceleration of over two martian G combined with its generous delta-V enables the Kirigirisu to fly a complete surface-to-orbit-to-surface cycle on any of the airless bodies in the Solar System, fly from LEO to Luna and back, or fly minimum-fuel orbits from one Jovian moon to another (life-support allowing).

Two things are holding back sales at the moment: type qualification practically mandates sales to professional pilots only, until such time as pilot schools evolve training courses aimed at the part-time high-performance pilot; and lack of certification for the streamlined model for flight in the Martian atmosphere (Tenzan anticipates a high proportion of sales to Martian customers when the vehicle passes environmental tests).

In addition, the first model had a vibration problem arising from the low pulse frequency of the fusion drive that caused discomfort and nausea in some passengers; Tenzan have improved the vibration dampers on the latest models and are offering a free upgrade to all owners of the old model.

The nickname "Doodlebug" is beginning to spread among English-speaking users; this is believed to refer to the sound of the engine, similar to that of the 20th century V1, an early German cruise missile. Tenzan marketeers are at present uncertain whether to promote the nickname to encourage familiarity, or to derogate it entirely due to its association with a weapon of indiscriminate destruction.

Craft is an unstreamlined cylinder, 10' long by 6.25' diameter. Removal of the passenger seats provides up to an extra 0.1875 spaces for cargo. The Kirigirisu has no airlock; the vehicle must be depressurised for entry and egress.

Crew: Pilot/Navigator (Pilot (High-performance Spacecraft)), Electronics Op. (Comm), Electronics Op. (Sensors).

Design: Unstreamlined cylinder hull (0.625 space, diamondoid, smart, medium frame). cDR/cPF 0.2/1 (diamondoid armour). Hull radiators (0.1875 ksf).

Modules: New simple cockpit; Very small radar; 0.1875 passenger seat (3 seats); 0.25 compact HT fusion pulse; 0.05 tank (ultralight, nuclear pellet); 0.04 cargo.

Statistics: EMass 2.2; DMass 2.7; LMass 3.3; CMass 3.0. Cost M$0.93. cHP 4. Size Modifier +1/+2. HT12. Maintenance Interval 41.6 hours. RRA 0.1875.

Performance: sAccel: 1.0 G. Burn Endurance: 0.833 hrs. Burn Points: 3022. Delta-V: 9.1 mps. No airspeed.

Variants: Streamlined model, Kirigirisu Ki1su, stats as above except Cost M$2.1

Window Seat

Dec. 8th, 2016 12:13 am
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A simple pic, after a Robert McGinnis illo, that was waiting for me to finish it. So now I have.

Model is Victoria 4; I made the set (what there is of it) and some of the textures; and I don't recall where the base clothes are from. (The dress in the original McGinnis pic was too complicated for me to model, so I went for simple pants and bandeau.) Poser 2014 and Photoshop CS5.
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Brook Summerton, a Halfling PC from a Fantasy Age game. There’s a story about the duck; though it’s not very interesting, it does contain the phrase, “You killed the guard duck.”

Genesis 3 figure, Bus Stop, clothes from DAZ3D; Halfling morph by Kaleya at Renderosity; Aircon unit by 3dregenerator on; Rubber duck by CC0 Bot on

DAZ3D Studio, Photoshop CS5.
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The WarpCycle, a muscle-powered FTL vehicle. A visualisation of the GURPS vehicle I posted a while ago.

Victoria 4, Michael 4, Bodysuits, Booties, Gloves, Cowl, Tourist Map and Book, all from DAZ3D; Tandem bicycle frame from, modified by me; warp pods and deflector off NCC-1701 model by gruaro on; other props and textures by me; Jupiter photo by Cassini.

Poser 2014 and Photoshop CS5.

On a boat

Jul. 31st, 2016 11:02 pm
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Tanya Dziahileva is on a boat, in another bizarre fashion shoot picture.

Victoria 4 from DAZ3D; Superhose by outoftouch, ExtraLongGloves and Tiny Bikini IV by 3DAge, all on Renderosity; Boat by Arslan on; Sikorsky Erickson S-64 helicopter by Virella on; BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle by MCDLabs on

Poser 2012, Photoshop CS5.

I got to find another way of doing rotor disc blur. Maybe if I had any talent I could just paint it instead of trying and failing to use various masks and filters.

I guess I should go and do that thing I've been putting off now... maybe tomorrow.
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So I joined in a game of D&D recently; a real, actual live game with people IRL. Here's my character, who is a First Level Halfling Bard — because I had a dream several weeks ago that I was going to join a D&D game with a Halfling Bard. I eventually managed to get to a game organised by the local gaming shop, so I thought I'd make the rest of the dream true too.

Done in DAZ Studio, with some Photoshop effects and touching-up.
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Experimenting with Photoshop filters:
Cut for CGI nudity )

Click on the pics for larger versions.
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Cut for CGI nudity )

Reproduced from a fashion shot I saw online, but haven't been able to trace. Now with 33% more nudity. Dutch angle was an accident I decided to keep.

Victoria 4, Mitsu Hair by DAZ; apple by HGFreeInHell, hanging basket by Maria, both on; banana originally by Billy Beuhl, bush by Tyro Smith, both on; villa by me, banana modified by me, Kiko and Satomi morphs by me.

Poser 2012, Photoshop CS5.
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For no particularly good reason, Anita Joo in a swimming pool:

Hmm, maybe I should have made a joke about the office pool or something...?
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 photo Dr Strange Ape 0_3_5_zpsqzit7g0x.jpg

"By the Hairy Hosts of Hoggoth!"

DAZ Studio 4.9, Photoshop CS5
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A wood and brass tellurion (a kind of orrery), except that the Earth has been replaced with a Banksian orbital. (I guess that makes it an anulion?)
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Actually a cover for something I'm doing:

News on the 'something' when I can figure out why InDesign is screwing up my fonts when it makes a PDF.


Dec. 7th, 2015 02:11 pm
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Nude on a bed, inspired by a dream I had this morning.

Cut for sim nudity )
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Just messing around with 3DStudio, using my Lucy Liu version of the Genesis 3 model. (The background is a photo of New York backstreets I swiped off the internets.) The first picture was generated by the 3Delight rendering engine:

 photo LL G3 0_7 MFD Blue 3Delight_zpsvna7p7tp.jpg

This took two hours, but it got cut short by a previous time limit I'd put on the engine and forgotten about. It was heading towards three hours rendering, though like anything else I've found the last few percent of the estimated time can take as much time as all the rest of the render.

Using the IRay renderer:

 photo LL G3 0_7 MFD Blue IRay_zpsgaou2xm9.jpg

This took less than the time for me to go to the kitchen to make a jam sandwich and come back.

Cut for boring complaining )
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In response to this thread at Escher Girls, with the somewhat wonky anatomy of this Secret Six cover:

I banged together this version in Poser and Photoshop:

My conclusion is that the original artist is one of those guys who hacks up pictures from photoshoots found elsewhere and then traces over them, and that he let the torso and pelvis on Black Alice slip in the process, or he just did a lousy job of matching them up in the first place. Also that he needed to stop and think about the mechanics of balancing on a thin headstone with your legs all over the place. (We'll pass on commenting about appropriate clothing and temperature, shall we?)

Random 3D

Sep. 11th, 2015 07:56 pm
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Just some odd noodling around; haven't felt particularly inspired lately.

These are me messing around with the lighting and rendering settings in DAZ3D Studio trying to get something that looks reasonable and doesn't take forever to render. The first couple are iRay settings, both time limited, and the last is the 3Delight engine, which did 99% of the render in about twenty minutes but took overnight to render the hair. (I'm using a model of Lucy Liu I made using the new Genesis 3 base. Not ready for primetime yet.)

 photo LL G3 0_6_3 640px_zps9r0gw2fm.jpg

 photo LL G3 0_6_7 640px_zpszcy9188e.jpg

 photo LL G3 0_6_6 640px_zpsagrvuxrf.jpg

This was an experiment to get some rippling water. Not too successful; besides the reflections getting that odd reticulation on them, the ripples aren't too convincing.

 photo Tan Test 0_4_2 640px_zpsxfblcf82.png

I found a leopard-print pattern I liked, but it wasn't tiled so that it would repeat without edges, so I messed around with it for a day or so to get it repeating, then ended up cleaning it up and making many different coloured versions. Threw it on a kimono model — because why not? — then let it collapse to the floor in Poser's cloth room. The zebra-skin obi shouldn't still be tied up, of course, but the model isn't very sophisticated.

 photo Leopardprint Kimono 0_2_1 640px_zpsurhu9nbl.jpg

This is what happened when I tried to export Lucy Liu and another model from DAZ3D Studio to Poser. Interesting.

 photo Accident 760px_zpspw0zdw2m.jpg


Aug. 9th, 2015 12:37 am
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This was supposed to be Bettie Page, but she went more Katy Perry. Maybe I need to work on the smile and eyes some more.

This is Iggy Pop, more or less. The bad lighting is down to the program crashing whenever I tried to do anything with the lights. Don't know what the problem was there; there's only one spot and one ambient light, and I was just trying to add another spot. I think there may be something nasty in Iggy's jeans.
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A pic I did for an member who needed some Black cowgirl pics, they being hard to find on the interwebs. Stagecoach Mary being like the only historical example, apparently.


Jun. 30th, 2015 05:14 pm
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Stayed up all night, then crashed at around 9:00am. Woke up about a half-hour ago, had a cup of tea. Mouth now feels a little less like something crawled into it and died.

Didn't stay up for any good reason, mind you. I was fiddling with the new edition of the DAZ3D Studio software (which is free here, incidentally, if anyone feels like taking the plunge into 3D artwork (but it's the models that cost)), which produces some beautiful renders, but on default settings take so long even with this relatively whizzy (well, relative to my old PPC) Mac mini. This simple composition:

 photo V7_2_1 640px_zps7zzl9stj.png

took something like an hour to render.

(Bizarrely (to me, anyway), from watching a tutorial I discovered that the "DAZ" in "DAZ3D" is apparently pronounced "dawz" and not, well, like the soap powder:

"Dahz" I could understand, but "dawz"? I'm now wondering how to pronounce the "Daw" in "Daw Books". (No, I'm not going to rewrite those in phonetic type.))

So I was listening to podcasts while waiting for the renders — none of which I can remember now — and reading File770's Puppy/Hugo round-up in real time as various US timezones phased in and out of their pre-bedtime commenting periods. The one good bit of that was the History on the Really Retro Hugos, summarised here on Simon Bucher-Jones's blog.
Sadly, no records whatsoever have survived from UrCon (ca. 13.8 gigayears Before Present Era). From what little physical evidence has survived, we can surmise that one of the events was some sort of fireworks display that got exceedingly out of hand. [..]

The award itself dates back to 1197 and Bishop Hugo de Rainault (brother of the then Sherrif of Nottingham) who it will be remembered offered ‘a mighty prize for the most puissant account of how yon addlepate knave Robin Earle yclept Loksley might best be set about his heels.’ [..] The original silver arrow has now become over time the stylised ‘rocket robin hood’ shape of the current award.

I also realised that the commenter Brian Z over there is almost certainly the alien Rorschach from Peter Watts' Blindsight (also available free, here*), with no real understanding of the symbols he is manipulating. Whether the entity behind him is self-aware is another matter.

Despite my missing the greater part of the day, the sun is still shining, and I have an urge to put my shorts and sandals on and go for a stroll. I may be some time. Like an hour or so.

*Though bear in mind James Nicoll's assessment of Peter Watts' authorial viewpoint: "Whenever my urge to live becomes too strong, I read Peter Watts."

Rin Nakai

Jun. 19th, 2015 09:18 pm
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Rin Nakai (中居りん) is a Japanese pro fighter of some kind, whose image I saw while searching for something else, but I was taken with her short, muscley frame and decided to make a model of her. It's an okay likeness, but her face (as usual with me) isn't quite right, and I think I may have left her limbs a little too long. Or it might be camera distortion, I'm not sure. Or my eyes.


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