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2017-06-23 07:03 pm
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Sassy John

I like Sarcastic John, I just wish he wouldn't let his evil twin vote all the votes.

Also, they really should have filmed this one on the move, like a West Wing scene.
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2017-06-21 12:49 pm
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(no subject)

So, I've been listening to a lot of atheist Youtubes lately, which led me to Chris Shelton's videos about Scientology. And I was listening to the one about the escape of the present cult leader Miscavige's dad from the cult, and I thought of Maum Meditation, and then I wondered if there were any debunking videos. So I did a search, and like the third or fourth video was the one above, which is a short one of my friend YJ talking about Maum.

I wasn't expecting that, or the jolt of unresolved feelings I had when I recognised her in the thumbnail. It's been ten years already. YJ is a warm, loving person, and I'm sure she thinks she's helping people by being a Maum "helper", but I so wish that she wasn't still with them. I think that's all I want to say about that right now.

For more on Maum, click on the Maum tag below.
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2017-06-18 07:46 am

"Get Stuffed"

From 2013, just in case Boris thinks that now is an opportune moment to make a bid for leadership of the Tories:

Such a lovable scamp.
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2017-06-17 03:39 am

The Notice formerly known as D

FYI: D-Notices, still popular in the media as a trope, were renamed DA-Notices in 1993, and are now named DSMA-Notices (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notices).
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2017-06-16 10:23 pm
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2017-06-12 07:06 am

All the Myriad Multiverses

When quantum physicists talk about alternate universes and the multiverse, it's a different thing to what astrophysicists and cosmologists mean when they talk about the multiverse and alternate universes.

As explained to me by an astrophysicist at the local Science Festival Saturday (so if this is wrong it's down to me), when quantum physicists talk about the multiverse, they mean all the quantum universes where any time a particle does one thing or another, those universes split off, e.g. one where Shroedinger's cat is dead, one where it's alive; or one (or several) where Napoleon won Waterloo, and a bunch where he lost. Alternate histories in sci-fi terms. These all "occupy" the same space our universe does, and getting from one to another would mean doing something spooky to our quantum states or something.

Meanwhile, a cosmologist may be talking about different branes, where different three-dimensional spaces may be floating around n-dimensional super-spaces, coinciding with ours only in that the first three dimensional co-ordinates are the same but the higher dimensional co-ordinates are different. Since their origins are different, they have no relationship to ours, and may enjoy different physical laws. Travelling to them would mean finding a way to move through those higher dimensions.

Or, they may be different universes only in that they are beyond the event horizon of our universe, and they were pinched off from ours during the inflationary period when the universe expanded faster than light. Being permanently out of contact with us (until FTL is invented) they may have different physical laws pertaining locally.
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2017-06-05 06:40 am

This Morning on NELC-TV



which should have been recorded at a higher altitude.
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2017-05-31 02:09 pm

I have discovered the horror of an uncaring universe

I am defrosting my fridge. What noisome monsters lie within that boreal frost made deliquescent by entropic unfolding!
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2017-04-05 05:06 pm
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The Great Migration

LiveJournal updating its terms and conditions a few days ago — including a not-very-subtle clause pointing out that being owned by a Russian company now they have to follow Russian law (including anti-QUILTBAG legislation and whatever Putin decides is the law on any given day) — has prompted another wave of Anglophone LJ emigration, including some of my favouritest bloggers.

I think I shall probably keep the LJ running for a while, but I may block all comments sooner or later, followed by a cessation of LJ posting, in which case my few followers will have to follow the breadcrumbs to my Dreamwidth blog.

If you're a follower and I haven't already commented on your DW, please leave a comment on the DW edition of this post just to let me know that winding up the LJ is not going to lose you. (Yes, this means you, [personal profile] shd01x). Commenting on the LiveJournal edition will result in me sending Terminators back in time to eliminate your ancestors, which will create Chrono-Synclastic Infundibuli, and nobody wants that.
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2017-04-03 06:43 pm


Spent most of the afternoon trying to clean the malware Safe Search off my system, after it started to open a page to Safe Search (very much not safe) and wanting to install the Safe Search extension for me every five minutes.

For the record, a combination of MalWareBytes Anti-Malware and App Cleaner looks like they've done the job; a variety of other free apps didn't, but especially Mac Keeper, which is such an annoying app that Anti-Malware offered to clean that out of my system; avoid.

Must make a note to wear rubber gloves when using the Mac from now on.
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2017-03-01 02:54 am

Case Nightmare Orange

Donald Trump. The Laundry. That is all.
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2017-02-12 02:06 pm
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I, Robot on BBC Radio

BBC Radio have done an adaptation of five of Isaac Asimov's robot short stories. Listen to them on iPlayer.

Only listened to the first one, "Robbie", so far. I'm not sure it was a wise marketing decision to model Robbie's voice on that of GlaDos....
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2017-02-11 04:45 am
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2017-01-04 09:09 pm

The Sociology of the Top 1% of the Top 1%

Social ethnographers are now beginning to study the super-rich with the same alacrity that they study the dregs of society. Listen to BBC Radio's Thinking Aloud (stream and podcast) as the super rich and their effects on society — society that they try to avoid as much as possible — are discussed.

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2016-12-25 11:30 pm
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Fermi Paradox

Three ideas for the thread, Reasons why aliens avoid earth in a contemporary setting:

Look, it's not about you, Humanity. It's those dolphins. They're just... barbarians. So crude and vulgar, you can't invite them anywhere. It's just better for the galaxy if they're shunned.

Well, they've already got Elvis and Bowie, so why come back?

This area of the Western Spiral Arm was supposed to have been cleared for redevelopment several deka-millennia ago. Somehow, Earth and its inhabitants were missed. Dreadful [procreative organ]-up, somebody's [sensory and cephalic cluster] will roll for it, I'm sure. That is, if anyone finds out about it. If there were an accident, say, and a gamma-ray clearance burster was set off without anyone making a final safety check, nobody would have to pay for evacuating the system. Just saying.
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2016-12-25 10:43 pm
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Guard Banter

Snatches of overheard dialogue for the thread, [101] Guard banter topics:

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2016-12-25 10:20 pm
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Gonzo Vietnam

A few ideas for the thread 101 Crazy Things You'd See In Gonzo Vietnam:

A lost patrol. A squad that has gotten separated from its upper echelons during what should have been a routine sweep. They have the wrong map for this province, which is probably why they are lost. Give them directions and they'll be on their way.

A Viet Cong field hospital. In a swamp:

A young fighter from the Danh Son Huol Cambodian ethnic group was taken to a field hospital in the forest of U Minh after being wounded in a United States air raid. The hospital stood hidden in a swamp on the Viet Cong-controlled peninsula of Ca Mau. Sept. 15, 1970.

An ACOUSID electronic acoustic and seismic sensor, half buried in the earth. If the party walks past it without speaking, then they may be targeted by artillery or air-strikes. If they speak Vietnamese, they definitely will. If they speak American, then they're (probably) safe.
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2016-12-25 09:56 pm
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Liquid Things

My contributions to the thread [101] things found in a vial of liquid:

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2016-12-25 09:40 pm
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2016-12-25 04:58 pm
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