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LiveJournal updating its terms and conditions a few days ago — including a not-very-subtle clause pointing out that being owned by a Russian company now they have to follow Russian law (including anti-QUILTBAG legislation and whatever Putin decides is the law on any given day) — has prompted another wave of Anglophone LJ emigration, including some of my favouritest bloggers.

I think I shall probably keep the LJ running for a while, but I may block all comments sooner or later, followed by a cessation of LJ posting, in which case my few followers will have to follow the breadcrumbs to my Dreamwidth blog.

If you're a follower and I haven't already commented on your DW, please leave a comment on the DW edition of this post just to let me know that winding up the LJ is not going to lose you. (Yes, this means you, [personal profile] shd01x). Commenting on the LiveJournal edition will result in me sending Terminators back in time to eliminate your ancestors, which will create Chrono-Synclastic Infundibuli, and nobody wants that.
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